How Long Does Kiwi Last At Room Temperature?



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How Long Does Kiwi Last At Room Temperature

A successful grocery store or market trip can often result in a full fridge and some juggling.

While you know the strawberries should be kept in the fridge and the bananas will do well on the counter, some foods are more challenging to store. You might be wondering how long Kiwi lasts at room temperature.

Kiwis kept at room temperature can last up to 7 days, although several factors affect their longevity. This guide explains how to store kiwis at room temperature.

Storing Kiwi At Room Temperature

Kiwi can be kept at room temperature, although the combination of light and heat will cause them to ripen quicker.

Depending on its ripeness, kiwifruit can typically last 3 to 7 days at room temperature.

In The Pantry

If you don’t want to keep fresh kiwi in the fridge, a cool, dark, dry pantry is the best place to store it. Light and heat both cause the kiwi to ripen and then deteriorate faster. 

A kiwi can typically last 4 to 7 days in a cool pantry. An unripe kiwi can potentially last up to a week, while a ripe kiwi should be eaten within 4 days.

In An Ambient Room

Keep a kiwifruit on the side in your kitchen or living space, and it should last for 2 to 5 days. A ripe kiwi might last only 2 days.

After this, the sun and heat can cause significant deterioration. An unripe kiwi will ripen at room temperature and should be eaten in roughly 5 days.

Of course, there are many variables involved. A kiwifruit regularly exposed to sunlight will ripen faster than one kept in the shade. 

The ambient temperature of the room and the humidity level will also affect the kiwi. The higher the temperature or humidity level, the quicker the kiwi will turn bad.

Finally, the kiwi itself is a significant factor. If the kiwi is already ripe, it will eventually start to spoil. At room temperature, this can happen pretty quickly.

Make sure to inspect any kiwi for signs of deterioration before eating.

On the other hand, a kiwi that has yet to ripen will last longer at room temperature. Over several days, the kiwi will go from unripe to ripe and, eventually, overripe.

With Other Fruit

While keeping your fruit together in a bowl might seem like the most convenient storage method, it can cause it to go bad.

Many types of fruit release ethylene gas, a type of plant hormone that can cause fruit to ripen faster.

When kiwifruit is kept in the same dish as apples, bananas, and pears, a lot of ethylene is involved.

This close contact will trigger a quicker ripening process. That kiwi that felt rock hard yesterday might be perfectly soft after a day in the fruit bowl!

When To Keep Kiwis At Room Temperature

Kiwis kept at room temperature ripen faster, but this isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes you’ll appreciate the ripening effects of a warmer room!

Let’s look at the scenarios in which room temperature can be beneficial.

How Long Does Kiwi Last At Room Temperature

To Get Them To Ripen

An unripe kiwi lacks the soft texture and sweet taste of a ripened one. It’s better to wait a few days for the fruit to soften before eating it.

But who wants to wait around for a kiwi to ripen in the fridge?

If your unripe kiwis take too long to soften, the best place to keep them is at room temperature. Avoid any places in direct sunlight, which might cause the fruit to deteriorate.

Instead, tuck the kiwi in a paper bag and fold the top closed. This traps the ethylene hormone inside, helping the fruit to ripen.

Tuck a banana into the bag with the kiwi to speed things along.

If You Plan On Eating Right Away

If you plan on eating your ripened kiwifruits as soon as possible, you might prefer to keep them at room temperature.

Again, avoid keeping kiwi fruit in direct sunlight [1]. However, if kept in a cool and shaded place, it should last a few days.

At this point, it’s a matter of preference. Some people prefer the taste of kiwis cooled in the fridge.

Others think kiwis taste better at room temperature. There’s no right answer, so store the kiwifruits in a place that works for you!

Can You Keep Cut Kiwi At Room Temperature?

Once you’ve cut a tropical kiwi fruit, it should be kept in the refrigerator. Cut kiwi fruit can quickly spoil at room temperature, as it won’t have the skin to keep it safe.

Place the leftovers in an airtight storage container if you’ve cut more kiwi than you want to eat. Keep the cut kiwi away from other foods in the fridge and eat as soon as possible.

Cut kiwi can be frozen, but the freezing process does alter the taste and texture. Defrosted kiwi is softer and mushy. It’s good for smoothies but not great for snacking.

What Other Factors Can Affect the Shelf Life of Kiwi Fruit at Room Temperature?

  • Handling: Rough handling or bruising can lead to faster spoilage.
  • Temperature and humidity: High temperatures and excessive moisture can accelerate the kiwi fruit’s ripening process, causing it to spoil quickly.
  • Ripeness: A kiwi that is already ripe will not last as long at room temperature as a slightly unripe one.

Frequently Asked Questions

As someone who has grown and prepared Kiwis, I have some great tips to share!

Q: What is the season for Kiwis?

A: Kiwis are typically in season between the months of April and October. During this period, they are at their freshest and most flavorful.

Q: Where can I buy Kiwis during the season?

A: You can find Kiwis in season at most grocery stores and fruit markets. They are usually displayed in the produce section alongside other fruits.

Q: How do you tell if Kiwifruit has gone bad?

A: Hold the kiwi and press gently against the middle with your thumb. If the kiwi yields slightly, it should be ripe. If the kiwi feels overly soft or mushy, it’s gone bad.

Q: Will Kiwi ripen at room temperature?

A: A kiwi at room temperature will ripen faster than one in the refrigerator. Place a kiwi with a banana or apple in a paper bag to ripen it even faster.

Q: What happens if I leave Kiwi out for too long?

A: If kiwi is left at room temperature for too long, it may overripe, become mushy, and lose its freshness. It is important to consume kiwis promptly to enjoy their optimal taste and texture.

Q: How long do kiwis last?

A: Kiwis can last up to 1-2 weeks when stored in the refrigerator. To extend their shelf life, you can freeze sliced kiwis for up to 6 months. Proper storage and handling can help maintain the freshness of kiwis for a longer period.

Dried Gold Kiwi

Final Thoughts

A kiwi can last up to 7 days if kept at room temperature, depending on its ripeness and the room’s conditions. However, keeping a kiwifruit at room temperature can encourage it to ripen faster and cause the fruit to spoil faster.

A popular kiwi fruit variety available locally online or from your favorite store is the delicious Zespri Organic Kiwis.

Please remember that proper storage and timely consumption are key in ensuring the quality and taste of kiwi.

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