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Hello, I’m John Christianson from Franklin County, Tennessee, and homestead; self-sufficient gardening and farming is my passion. The Evergreen Blooming Team is a close-knit group comprising myself, Tracey Langell and Francis Penna; please see bios below.

I have been growing my own fruits and vegetables for nearly 10 years now, and the difference you see between homegrown foods against store-bought is staggering.

I have created the EvergreenBlooming.com website to provide you with all the information, guidance, and support you need to start your homegrown journey!

Join the Team in making your produce growing and consumption greener (pardon the pun) and more sustainable.

In the current climate, sustainability and eco-friendly practices are at the forefront of our minds. Most of us are now trying to cut back on mass-produced items as much as possible.

So why are we still buying produce from the local grocery store flown in from far-off countries and covered in additives and pesticides to make it look better?

Hello, and welcome to Evergreen Blooming. Here, we bring homegrown produce directly to the table. The best thing about our site? We can help you plant your own fruits, berries, and vegetables so that you can reap the rewards of your own crop!

Here, you’ll find guides on how to grow your own veggies, harvest your spoils, what different fruits and vegetables you can grow yourself, and anything else you can think of about growing your own plants.

We even have handy guides on when to plant veggies and fruits depending on your state or location so you can get the most out of your crops.

We are passionate about sustainable, self-sufficient living, and we encourage you to join this movement and start growing your products yourself.

At Evergreen Blooming, we have comprehensive guides on how to grow all kinds of produce, from bell peppers to mushrooms, strawberries to potatoes, sprouts to tomatoes. We can also help you every single step of the way, from planting to dealing with pests.

That way, we can guide you, you’ll learn something new, and we can have fun with it together!

Join our community here at Evergreen Blooming to become more self-sufficient and healthy and start bringing your own produce from your garden to your table.

Please meet the faces behind the Evergreen Blooming Team.

Meet the Evergreen Blooming Team:


John Christianson

John Christianson

Sustainable Farmer, Founder & Author

Hello, I’m John Christianson and homestead, self-sufficient gardening is my passion. I have been growing my fruits and vegetables for nearly 10 years.

My love for homegrown produce is largely down to my Pa. He also had a green thumb and would grow fruits and veggies in our backyard. We had our vegetable patch at home that my brothers and I loved helping with as children.

When my father retired, he dreamed of opening his vegetable stand at the local farmer’s market, something he never really got to do. I took it upon myself to make his dream a reality in his stead, and I now run my homegrown fruits and veggies stand with the help of other local providers!

I believe that we should all be more self-sufficient if we want to help the environment and ensure that our lives are as sustainable as possible to ensure there will be a future on Earth for our children and their children.

Tracy Langell

Tracy Langell

Horticulturist, Passionate Gardner & Author

Hi, I’m Tracy Langell, a horticulturist (OSU), blogger, and gardening enthusiast living in Oregon.

My passion for sustainability and love for nature has led me to explore the intersection of gardening and environmental conservation throughout my adult life.

When not writing or working with my local community, I can tend to my garden, explore the outdoors, and share my insights and expertise through blogging.

I offer tips and advice on gardening, sustainability, and more to help others create beautiful, sustainable gardens.

Francis Pena

Francis Pena

Local farmer & Author

Hello, my name is Francis Penna, and I also grow my produce. I first met John at a local farmer’s market, where I, too, sell my locally grown produce within the community.

We bonded over our love of gardening and shared our passion for homestead gardening and growing. When John came to me and told me he wanted to create a site where we could share our knowledge and offer tips and advice to other like-minded growers, I knew I had to become a part of it.

Now, I help to write some of our guides, informative articles, and step-by-step tutorials on how to grow your fruits and veggies. With a combined 18 years of experience, we have so much to offer and only want to share this experience with those who share our dreams.

So, if you are ready to change, avoid the pesticide-filled produce at the store, and grow your own healthier, tastier fruits and vegetables, then start your journey with us today.

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