Are Blue Strawberries Real? Exploring the Truth Behind the Myth



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Are Blue Strawberries Real?
Are Blue Strawberries Real?

The internet is full of rumors and hoaxes, and the legend of the blue strawberry is one of them. This image of a blue strawberry has been circulating on social media for over a decade, leading people to wonder if blue strawberries are real and if they can be found in stores.

Are blue strawberries real? In this article, we will explore the history of the blue strawberry rumor, examine the evidence for and against the existence of blue strawberries, and answer some frequently asked questions about this mysterious fruit.

By the end of the article, readers will clearly understand the truth behind the blue strawberry legend.

Key Takeaways

  • The blue strawberry is a hoax circulating online for over a decade.
  • There is no evidence that blue strawberries exist in nature or can be found in stores.
  • The blue strawberry legend is a reminder to be skeptical of information found on the internet.

The Rumor of the Blue Strawberry

In the early to mid-2010s, images of vibrantly blue-colored strawberries took the internet by storm. These images were shared amongst social media sites at that time, such as Instagram and Tumblr, with both sharers and viewers wanting to know if the blue strawberry was real and how they could try the fruit themselves.

According to the rumor, scientists were taking your average, red-colored strawberries and genetically mutating them by injecting them with a specific type of gene from the Arctic flounder.

The Arctic flounder is a type of fish with in-built antifreeze properties that allow them to resist freezing in the ocean’s depths.

Additional cold-water fish and some species of birds also contain antifreeze glycoproteins (AFGPs), but the Arctic flounder species is thought to be the most successful at resisting freezing. [1]

Scientists inserted this anti-freeze mutation into common strawberries, which allegedly turned blue.

However, the blue strawberry is a hoax. No evidence supports the claim that scientists have spliced Arctic flounder genes into strawberries to create a blue-colored fruit.

The images of blue strawberries circulated on social media were created using Photoshop skills.

In conclusion, while the blue strawberry may seem like a fascinating fruit, it is nothing more than a hoax perpetuated by doctored photographs.

Are Blue Strawberries Real?

Many of us have seen images of blue strawberries on the internet and may have wondered if they are real. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The blue strawberry is a photoshopped image that has fooled thousands of people.

Where And Why Did The Blue Strawberry Rumor Start?

The story of the blue strawberry is believed to have started in the late 1990s when researchers considered genetically modifying strawberries using genes from Arctic flounders.

An online business published a paper in 1998 about introducing this specific type of fish’s protein gene to strawberry plants. This is where those who started the rumors retrieved the story about strawberries being spliced with the genes of an Arctic flounder.

However, this doesn’t explain why the strawberries were photoshopped to appear blue. It is believed that the reason the blue strawberry plant first appeared in the media was due to the belief and terror that scientists were going to create poisonous berries to release to the public.

Some people were outraged by this, terrified that eating one of the strawberries could cause them to become seriously ill. To express themselves, they photoshopped photographs of strawberries to make them appear the same bright blue hue of antifreeze coolant.

It’s important to note that Arctic flounder fish are not bright blue; they possess more of a gray hue. They are certainly not the same color/vibrancy as Dory from Finding Nemo [2], which is what most people would expect after viewing the image of the blue strawberry.

The blue strawberry is nothing more than a hoax. While many of the details surrounding the rumor are true, such as researchers considering genetically modifying strawberries using genes from Arctic flounders, the blue strawberry as we know it does not exist.

It is important to be wary of false information and to always fact-check before believing something that seems too good.

Are Blue Strawberries Real?

Frequently Asked Questions on If Blue Strawberries Are Real

1. Can you purchase genuine blue strawberry plants?

Claims of “blue strawberry” seeds being sold online are also a scam. No such variety exists; these seeds will not grow into blue strawberries. The sellers are likely trying to take advantage of the hoax and mislead consumers.

2. What is the origin of blue strawberries?

Blue strawberries are not real and are a hoax. The images of blue strawberries circulating online have been digitally altered using Photoshop or similar photo editing tools.

3. Are there any other colored natural strawberries, or are they all genetically modified?

Other unusual colored strawberries like green, purple, or black also do not naturally exist. Any images or claims of such strawberries are likely digitally altered or misrepresented.

Further Advice:

  • Search for “blue strawberries” on reputable sources
  • Consult with a horticulturist or agricultural expert.
  • Avoid purchasing or consuming blue strawberries until further research is conducted.

Blue strawberries are a topic of interest for many people, but the question remains: are they real? While some images and videos are circulating online that appear to show blue strawberries, further investigation is needed to determine their authenticity.

To learn more about blue strawberries, it is recommended that you search for information from reputable sources such as scientific journals or reputable news outlets. You should consult a horticulturist or agricultural expert for a professional opinion.

Until more research is conducted, avoiding purchasing or consuming blue strawberries is advised. While they may look intriguing, it is important to prioritize safety and avoid any potential health risks.

Final Thoughts on Are Blue Strawberries Real?

Blue strawberries are a product of genetic modification or fictional imagination. Although there are some aspects of truth in the rumor’s origin narrative, there has never actually been a strawberry that exact tint of blue.

It is safe to say that blue strawberries do not exist in nature. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of blue strawberries being invented in the future.

While blue strawberries may not be a reality, plenty of other fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Blueberries, for example, are a great source of antioxidants and are often included in vegan restaurant menus.

It is important to note that food production and agriculture play a vital role in our lives. In recent years, there has been a growing concern for biodiversity and the impact of food production on the environment.

As consumers, knowing where our food comes from and supporting sustainable farming practices is important.

While the taste of blue strawberries may remain a mystery, plenty of other fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed.

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