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How To Store Kiwi At Home

Kiwis are delicious tropical fruits that have a sweet, tangy, and refreshing taste. Their bright green pulp tastes great on its own, added to a range of different dishes, and when used to make sweet fruit smoothies.

However, if you don’t know how to store kiwi fruit at home, you can’t expect to enjoy them to their full potential.

The incorrect storage of kiwis at home speeds up the ripening process, which in turn makes your kiwifruit go bad quicker. Therefore, before you buy kiwis, you need to know how to store them. 

Luckily for you, we’re here to help! In this post, we’re going to show you how to correctly store kiwis at home. We’ll help you preserve your kiwis for longer so that you can enjoy their flavors.

Let’s get started!

Why Is It Important To Store Kiwis Correctly?

Storing your kiwis correctly is important for several reasons. First and foremost, storing your kiwis correctly will stop them from going bad quickly. However, that’s not all!

Storing kiwis correctly can also slow down the ripening process and maximize the flavors of the fruit

Essentially, if you store your kiwis effectively, they will stay sweeter, juicier, and tastier for longer, which is obviously very important.

What Is The Best Way To Store Kiwifruit?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple answer to this question. There are three different ways we can store kiwifruit, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

How you store kiwis and which method of storage is best ultimately comes down to how ripe the fruit is.

Depending on the level of ripeness – in general, you can easily store your kiwis in a fridge, on a kitchen counter, or in a freezer.

We’ll now look at each storage location in more detail so you know which one to use and when.

Storing Kiwi In A Fridge

For us, the best place to store ripe kiwis is in a fridge. Storing ripe kiwis in a fridge prevents them from spoiling too soon. This is because refrigerating kiwis slows down the ripening process.

While this is arguably the best way to store kiwis at home, it is worth noting that you don’t need to store unripe kiwis in a fridge. Unripe kiwis in a refrigerator will take longer to ripen.

How To Store Kiwi In A Fridge?

When it comes to storing your kiwis in a fridge, things couldn’t be much simpler. All you have to do is place your kiwis in a plastic container or freezer bag and place the bag/container in your refrigerator.

You can then leave the kiwis there until you want to use them.

Storing Kiwis On A Kitchen Counter

If you have a batch of unripe kiwis, we recommend leaving them on a kitchen counter. Unripe kiwis don’t need to be kept in a fridge because you’ll want them to ripen sooner rather than later so you can eat them.

You can easily keep your fresh kiwis in a fruit bowl with other fruit. The fruit bowl can then be kept on the countertop in your kitchen. This will give the kiwis time to ripen at a natural pace.

How To Store Kiwi On A Kitchen Counter?

There are a few things you need to think about when storing kiwifruit on a countertop. Two of the most important things are sunlight and temperature. 

If you leave your kiwifruit in direct sunlight and in high temperatures, they will spoil faster. Therefore, you should try to avoid this by keeping your kiwi fruit bowl away from direct sunlight and at room temperature.

How To Store Kiwi At Home

Storing Kiwi In A Freezer

Freezing kiwis isn’t the first storage method we recommend, but it can come in handy. Ideally, you won’t need to freeze your kiwis but you might want to if you want to save your kiwis for another time.

However, you have to know that frozen kiwis tend to lose their texture. As a result, frozen kiwis are best used in a smoothie or as a marinade. 

How To Store Kiwi In A Freezer?

One of the good things about storing kiwi in a freezer is that we can do it in a few different ways. You will always need a freezer bag or solid plastic container but how you freeze the fruit is up to you.

You can freeze prepared kiwis whole, diced, sliced, or crushed.

How Long Does Kiwi Last?

How long your kiwis last will depend on how you store them. Typically, kiwis kept out of the refrigerator tend to last for two to three days. After that, they are ripe and ready to eat. Much longer than that and they will start to go bad.

Kiwis kept in a fridge usually last between five and 10 days. However, unripe kiwis kept in a fridge can last up to a month.

Finally, kiwis kept in a freezer last up to three months. After three months, the fruit will start to lose more of its flavor and texture.

Do You Have To Refrigerate Kiwis?

While refrigerating kiwis isn’t necessarily a must, we do recommend it if you have a lot of kiwifruit. 

You can prevent kiwis from ripening too fast [1] or from spoiling when they are ripe by keeping them in the fridge. Of course, if you’re going to eat your kiwis in advance you don’t need to keep them in the fridge.

FAQs on How to Store Kiwi at Home:

Please see below for some frequently asked questions that I have been asked about in the past on kiwi fruit storage.

Q: How should I prepare Kiwi fruit for storage?

A: Before storing kiwi fruit, make sure they are ripe but not overly soft. Wash them gently and remove any dirt or debris. You can choose to store them with or without the skin, depending on your preference.

Q: How do you know if a Kiwifruit is ripe?

A: There are a few different ways to check whether a kiwi is ripe or not. However, the best is to gently squeeze the kiwi in the palm of your hand. A ripe kiwi will give a little, while an unripe kiwi will be hard.

Q: Can I store cut Kiwifruit?

A: Yes, you can store cut kiwi in an airtight container or wrap them tightly with plastic wrap. It is recommended to consume cut kiwi within a day or two to retain its freshness.

Q: How can you tell if a Kiwi has gone bad?

A: A bad kiwi is usually quite easy to spot. Bad kiwis tend to have moldy skin, dry pulp, and an acidic smell.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve made your way through this post, you should have a better understanding of how to store kiwis at home. We’ve shown you numerous ways to store kiwis, so you aren’t short of effective options.

The method you choose to store your kiwis will depend on how many you have and how ripe they are. With that in mind, why don’t you grab your kiwis, store them and ultimately enjoy them when eating.

A popular kiwi fruit variety enjoyed locally is Zespri Organic Kiwis and they are available online or at your favourite produce store.

Also, if you are in the mood for cooking with kiwis, a popular Kiwi fruit cookbook is the Easy Kiwi Cookbook: 50 Delicious Kiwi Recipes, Simple Techniques for Cooking with Kiwi by BookSumo Press and readily available on Amazon

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