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How To Prepare Kiwi

Appearances are deceiving when it comes to the kiwi. Trapped inside the thick and hairy outside skin is a deliciously sweet flesh that can be eaten as a snack or used in desserts.

How to prepare Kiwi Fruit is essential to the enjoyment of this fruit. To prepare a kiwi for fruit salads, desserts, and breakfast bowls, begin by washing the skin. Next, peel the skin using a knife or vegetable peeler. Finally, you need to cut or chop the flesh and enjoy!

Learn the ins and outs of preparing a kiwi with this quick guide!

Washing A Kiwi

Although you don’t normally eat the fuzzy exterior of the kiwi, it’s best to give the fruit a quick wash before cutting. Washing the skin can help remove some of the hairs, so they’re less likely to stick to your hand (and the fruit) while you cut.

Wash kiwi with cool water, using your hands to scrub away some of the fuzz. If you do plan on eating the kiwi skin, spray it with vinegar before washing the fruit in cool water.

How To Peel Kiwi With A Knife

Before you start cutting, you want to know your kiwi is ripe. Give it a light squeeze at either end. The flesh should have a little bit of give, as you would expect from an avocado. If it still feels firm, the kiwi will need some time to ripen.

Next, use a sharp chef’s knife to cut away either end of the kiwi. Place the kiwi on a chopping board, standing the fruit on one end. 

Using the same knife as before, cut away the skin from the flesh. Curve the knife as you cut, so you remove as little of the flesh as possible. Repeat this around the kiwi until all the skin has been removed.

Once the skin has been removed, you can cut your kiwi!

How To Peel A Kiwi With A Vegetable Peeler

Using a sharp knife, slice off either end of the kiwi. Stand the kiwi on a chopping board, balanced on one end. 

With a vegetable peeler, peel away strips of the kiwi skin. Rotate the kiwi as you go, removing strips of peel all the way around. 

How To Peel Kiwi With A Spoon

The knife method is an easy way to remove all the skin from your kiwi. However, it doesn’t leave you with the smooth curved edges you may desire. If you want picture-perfect kiwi preparation, consider using a spoon.

How To Peel Kiwi With A Spoon

For the spoon method, you need a spoon with a sharp edge. 

Cut off both ends of the kiwi. Insert your spoon between the flesh and the skin. Push the spoon against the skin and rotate the kiwi, cutting the flesh from the skin as the spoon moves. 

When you’ve made a full loop of the kiwi, you can slide the flesh out from the skin. 

Alternatively, cut the kiwi in half. Insert a sharp spoon between the flesh and the skin. Turn the kiwi, pushing the spoon against the skin. Once you’ve made a full circle, use the spoon to slide the flesh out.

The spoon method is a little more complex [1] than the knife method, and it can be tricky to get right. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the kiwi or it might get squashed. However, with a little practice, you’re sure to nail this preparation method.

The advantage of the spoon method is that you end up with smooth edges. This is ideal if you want to use the kiwi to decorate a dessert!

How To Cut Kiwi

Once your kiwi is peeled, the next step is cutting.

The easiest way to cut a kiwi is into rounds. Simply lay the peeled kiwi on its side and slice crosswise into circles of your preferred thickness. These rounds are great as decoration and work well if you’re making fruit kabobs.

Alternatively, you might prefer to half or quarter your kiwi. Place the peeled kiwi on one end and slice it in half lengthways. Lay each half on its side — if you want quarters, cut each half lengthways again.

Make crosswise cuts along each section, at your desired thickness.

Halved and quartered kiwi slices can be used in tropical fruit salads, added to yogurt parfaits or smoothie bowls, or mixed into overnight oats.

To cube a kiwi, place the peeled kiwi upright. Cut it lengthwise with 3 to 4 cuts, then rotate the fruit 90 degrees. Make another 3 to 4 cuts. Lay the fruit on its side and make crosswise cuts, roughly the same distance as the lengthwise cuts.

If you want to use the kiwi as a decoration, you can also use a zig-zag method to cut! You don’t need to peel the kiwi for this one. 

Start by laying the kiwi on its side. Insert a paring knife into the kiwi at a 45-degree angle, pushing it all the way through. Remove the knife, flip it, and insert at the opposite 45-degree angle, so that both cuts meet.

Repeat until you reach the first cut and then pull the kiwi in half!

Eating Kiwi With A Spoon

If you want to enjoy kiwi as a snack, the easiest way to prepare it doesn’t involve peeling at all. Simply cut your kiwi in half across the middle. Grab a spoon, and scoop out the interior! The thick skin can act as a little bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious about how to prepare a Kiwis, I have some great answers for you. As someone who has prepared many Kiwis in the past, I’d be happy to share some tips with you!

Q: Can you eat Kiwi skin?

A: Yes, the fuzzy exterior skin of the kiwi is edible and a good source of fiber. However, the skin lacks flavor and the texture can be unpleasant.

Q: What is the best way to eat Kiwi?

A: The easiest way to eat a kiwi is to cut it in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Or you can peel the kiwi with a knife and cut the flesh into rounds.

Q: Are there any other ways to enjoy Kiwi?

A: Yes, there are endless ways to enjoy this delicious fruit! You can blend kiwi into smoothies, make kiwi salsa for your tacos, or even use it as a topping for pancakes or yogurt. The options are truly endless!

Q: How should I store Kiwis?

A: Kiwifruit generally keeps well at room temperature for a few days. If you want to extend their shelf life, store them in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Keep them away from other fruits like apples, bananas, or avocados, as kiwis release ethylene, which can cause premature ripening in these fruits.

Q: Can kiwi be used in baking or cooking?

A: Yes, kiwi can be a lovely addition to baking or cooking. It adds a tangy and vibrant flavor to cakes, tarts, and even savory dishes like marinades or glazes for meats or seafood. Get creative and experiment with this versatile fruit!

Final Thoughts on How Best to Prepare a Kiwi fruit.

Remember, preparing Kiwi Fruit is easy and enjoyable — you just have to get rid of the fuzzy exterior! You can peel a kiwi with a knife or vegetable peeler, or use a spoon to scoop out the interior…

A popular kiwi fruit variety is the Zespri Organic Kiwis which are enjoyed by us locally.

If you are in the mood for cooking with kiwis, a popular Kiwi fruit cookbook is the Easy Kiwi Cookbook: 50 Delicious Kiwi Recipes, Simple Techniques for Cooking with Kiwi by BookSumo Press and readily available on Amazon

So, savor the sweetness and add tropical zest to your day with this fantastic fruit. Enjoy!

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