When To Plant Strawberries In Utah



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When To Plant Strawberries In Utah

Nothing beats the satisfaction of eating a fresh strawberry you picked right off the vine. Everyone enjoys strawberries, and they are considered one of the most popular fruits to grow right now.

If living in the Beehive state, knowing when to plant strawberries in Utah will make your experience even more enjoyable.

You may have added strawberries to your vegetable patch if you live in Utah. The best time to plant strawberries is between March to June.

Various factors can affect you when you decide to plant your strawberry plants. The main one is when you want to be able to harvest the fruit your plants produce.

It is quite simple to grow strawberry plants in Utah if you provide them with the right amount of sunlight they need.

This article will discuss when you should be planting strawberries in Utah and why. 

Months To Plant Strawberry Plants In Utah

The optimum time to plant strawberries is in the spring after the last frost because the temperature is just right for them to germinate before summer arrives. This is because it is warm enough but not too boiling.

Fruit production could be delayed or fail if the plants are sown close to the fall. Find out when the last frost was in your area and plant your strawberry plants accordingly.

Utah’s final spring frost occurs between April 16 and July 31, so the growing season can begin at any time between April and July.

However, since Utah rarely experiences a last frost during the latter half of the year, April and May are the more popular planting months.

Think About Hardiness Zones

Utah has different hardness zones; this can also affect when you want to plant your strawberry plants. Within Utah, they have hardiness zones 4 to 9.

To make life easier for you, we have compiled all the hardiness zones and when you should plant your strawberries. It’s worth noting that these dates are guidelines for you to follow. 

ZonePlanting Guidelines
Zone 4Late April to the middle of May.
Zone 5Anytime in April.
Zone 6Anytime in April.
Zone 7From late March to the beginning of April.
Zone 8The middle of March to the end of March.
Zone 9Start of February until the beginning of March. 

When Is The Latest To Plant Strawberries In Utah?

The latest period for growing strawberries will be about September if you utilize a high-tunnel setup.

Given their early fruiting and greater survival rates in tunnels, plug plants are preferable to bare-root plants in this situation. Both are viable choices for planting in the fall.

Often, the planting season in Utah for strawberries can end in June. 

When To Plant Strawberries In Utah

What Can Affect Planting Strawberries In Utah?

When temperatures approach 80 °F, strawberries frequently fail to develop into fruit because they do not do well in the heat. Even for day-neutral varieties, the summers in Utah are too hot for strawberry development. This frequently causes a halt in fruit production during these warmer months.

Once the temperature drops below freezing, at about 28 degrees Fahrenheit, strawberry plants also suffer harm. Except for specific circumstances, due to all these reasons, spring is the ideal season for planting strawberries in Utah.

The soil condition and ensuring you have well-fertilized and optimal soil is also crucial for your strawberry’s health.

*For our detailed and tested fertilizer recommendations, please see the article Best Organic Fertilizers for Strawberries: Boost Your Crop Yield Naturally.

What Varieties Of Strawberries Can You Grow In Utah?

The choice is up to you on the kinds of strawberries you wish to grow in our garden because it is known that certain varieties do better than others. In addition to this, you also need to consider how many crops you want your plant to produce. 

Day-Neutral And Ever-Bearing Strawberries

Although they are different varieties, day-neutral and ever-bearing strawberries are frequently used interchangeably in nurseries.

Ever-bearing cultivars produce fruits in both the spring and the fall. Whilst day-neutral varieties are produced during the summer until the first frost.

Day-neutral varieties grow fruit irrespective of day lengths, whereas ever-bearing strawberries need more than twelve hours of direct sunshine to bear fruit.

Selva, Tribute, Seascape, and Tristar are a few kinds to remember for day neutrals. As well as  Ozark Beauty, Fort Laramie, and Ogallala for ever-bearing varieties. 

June Bearing Strawberries

June-bearing varieties are great for making jellies and jams and yield fruit in May and June. These cultivars should be developed with a maximum of ten hours of sunlight each day and with protection from frost in late spring and winter.

In Utah, Earliglow, Chandler, Sparkle,  Sequoia, All-Star, Jewel, Honeoye, and Guardian are some of the greatest strawberry varieties to plant in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Prepare Strawberry Plants For Winter In Utah?

To protect strawberry plants from the chilly winter air, just cover the plants with a thick layer of mulch.

When plants are completely dormant, it’s essential to cover them. However, strawberry plants that are covered too quickly may not be able to harden off, meaning the cold air will undoubtedly harm them.

Do Strawberries Grow Well In Utah?

As long as you plant your strawberries at the right time, you should do well. Due to the very hot temperatures, most strawberry plants won’t do well during Utah’s summers. 

When Is The Earliest To Plant Strawberries In Utah?

You can plant strawberries outside during early spring, around the end of March or April.

Final Thoughts 

Strawberries ought to be planted in Utah during spring. This is often between March to May, but the hardiness zone you live in can affect when you plant your strawberries during this period.

You must provide your plant protection during the hot summer and cold winters. Apart from that, it is easy to grow strawberries in Utah.

We hope this article has been helpful, and you now know when to plant strawberries in Utah.

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