When To Plant Strawberries In Oklahoma



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When To Plant Strawberries In Oklahoma

Strawberries are a delicious fruit that many enjoy eating during the warmer months of the year. Knowing when to plant strawberries in Oklahoma can increase your enjoyment level tenfold if you live in the Sooner State.

On top of that, if you love getting your hands dirty, why not try growing your strawberries in your garden? If you live in Oklahoma, you should consider planting your strawberries between February and March.

Oklahoma is considered one of the best places to grow strawberries. This is due to its mild winters and warm summers, which help strawberries to thrive.

As long as you give your strawberries the right amount of nutrients and care, then you should be able to produce a delicious strawberry patch in your garden.

In this article, we will go into more detail on when to plant strawberries in Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma Strawberry Growing Season

The most popular fruit crop for home planting is strawberries. They can be seen growing all around Oklahoma.

Strawberries are a diverse and incredibly healthy fruit since you can choose from so many varieties. The recommended adult daily vitamin C intake is exceeded by a single cup of fresh strawberries.

The ideal window for planting strawberries in Oklahoma gardens is from February 1 to March 20. When strawberries are planted early in the spring, the plants have time to develop strong roots and prepare for the summer heat.

Although, plants could be planted during the fall from October to mid-November in the state’s southeast. By spring, these plants’ root systems will be more widespread, producing runner plants with greater vigor than plants established in February or March. 

For healthy root development during the winter, there must be sufficient soil moisture. Plants shouldn’t be planted when it’s windy or when extremely cold weather is expected in the next several days.

However, you may need to cover the plants with blankets like the popular Hainanstryt Freeze Protection Plant Covers if the weather gets too cold.

When To Plant Strawberries In Oklahoma

Can You Grow Strawberry Plants Indoors?

Since they have a poor germination rate and need much care, strawberry seeds are typically not planted inside. However, if you wish to start your strawberry seeds indoors, then the best time to do this is during later winter to early spring. 

Strawberry home growers that have limited space like to use Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Planter Pot system.

If you do decide to try starting strawberry plants from seed, you should consider planting about 6 to 8 weeks before your expected last frost date.

Depending on which zone you live in within Oklahoma, this can affect when you start your seedlings. If you live in zone 6, you start planning near the end of February. While Zone 7 can start planting slightly early during the start of February. 

Finally, anyone living in Zone 8 can plant strawberry seeds indoors at the end of January. 

You can easily start the seedlings indoors by ensuring they get plenty of sunlight. Then, gradually, you can harden the plants once they begin to develop their first leaves.

This way, they will be ready to brave the elements once they are big enough to be transplanted outside

What Is Oklahoma Soil Like?

The most prevalent soil in Oklahoma is port silt loam, which may be found in no fewer than 33 counties. It is highly productive and used to grow crops, including oats, cotton, wheat, sorghum, and other plants. 

This is a well-draining soil that is full of nutrients. It is known for its bright red color. However, it is the perfect soil for growing your strawberry plants

Several weeks before plants are ready to be planted, organic matter may be added, including manure, straw, compost, peat, or moss. Ribbon Organics OMRI Certified Organic Compost is a popular choice for quality organic matter.

This is done by tilling or plowing it into the soil. Mix in the necessary fertilizer and lime two to three weeks before planting as well. 

*For our detailed and tested fertilizer recommendations, please see the article Best Organic Fertilizers for Strawberries: Boost Your Crop Yield Naturally.

When To Pick Strawberries In Oklahoma?

When strawberries are large, fully red, and feel firm to the touch, they are ready for harvest. Strawberries cannot continue to ripen after they are plucked. Therefore, it is crucial to pick them once they are fully mature.

Once they begin to ripen, strawberries must be routinely harvested because if they are left on the strawberry plant for too long, they will quickly deteriorate.

Strawberries can be harvested 3 to 6 weeks after the blossoms start to show, depending on the type and growth conditions.

Hence, if you plant strawberry plants during March, you should hopefully have some strawberries to pick and enjoy from May to July. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Best Variety Of Strawberry To Grow In Oklahoma?

The choice is up to you, but many gardeners will tell you that June-bearing strawberries are the most successful varieties to grow.

However, you can also consider ever-bearing varieties that will offer you a crop during June and later in the fall. 

Why Are Strawberries The State Fruit Of Oklahoma?

In 2005, fifth-graders at Skiatook Intermediate Elementary organized a vote to determine the state fruit, and the strawberry won.

The strawberry came out on top, and their instructor, Pam Bell, approached Representative Joe Sweden for backing the legislation.

How Often Should You Water Strawberry Plants In Oklahoma?

You will need to give strawberries about an inch of water per week to nourish them because they have shallow roots.

Final Thoughts

Everyone enjoys eating strawberries; if you live in Oklahoma, you have the perfect conditions for growing strawberries in your backyard. From February to March, you can start planting your strawberry plants outside.

However, if you are using seeds, you may start the seeds indoors at the end of January to be transplanted in February.

We hope this article has been helpful and gives you a better insight into when to plant strawberries in Oklahoma.

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