When To Plant Strawberries In Louisiana



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Louisiana is the ideal place to grow strawberries, providing the perfect climate for growing all year round. With its warm and humid weather, The Pelican State is a great home for strawberry plants.

Are you wondering when to plant strawberries in Louisiana? The best time to plant this delicious fruit is in early Spring, between March and early April, giving the strawberries time to establish their root systems before the hot Summer arrives.

When To Plant Strawberries In Louisiana

Knowing when to plant your strawberries in Louisiana is key to having a successful crop. In this article, we’ll explore the best time of year to plant strawberries in Louisiana and provide tips for starting your strawberry planting.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Plant Strawberries In The State Of Louisiana?


Strawberries are a cool-season crop that can be planted in the state of Louisiana during the early spring season. Planting strawberries in Louisiana is usually done several weeks before the last frost date. For example, 

  • The recommended time to plant strawberries would be around March
  • By planting strawberries early in the spring, before summer’s heat arrives, the plants can develop strong roots and establish themselves better.
  • Planting strawberries at this time also allows them to take advantage of cooler temperatures during their growth period. 

April or May is considered prime time for transplanting strawberries into garden beds since gardens have had enough time to warm up from the cold winter months for optimal growth. Providing good fertilized soil is also key to their growth.

*For detailed and tested fertilizer recommendations, please see our article Best Organic Fertilizers for Strawberries: Boost Your Crop Yield Naturally.

Furthermore, harvesting won’t begin until mid-June, though you may get an earlier harvest in southern Louisiana. 


If you want to plant strawberries in your Louisiana garden, it is important to understand the best time to start seeds indoors. 

  • Generally speaking, due to their low germination rate, strawberry seeds should not be planted indoors but instead purchased from a reputable nursery or garden center. 
  • The best time to start strawberry seeds indoors is approximately 6 – 8 weeks before your last expected frost date.

In Louisiana, this typically falls between the end of January and the beginning of February, depending on which zone you live in. 

It’s important to note that while planting the seeds indoors can give them a head start, they will require special attention during this stage. 

With extra care at both stages – starting from seed indoors and transplanting and caring for the seedlings outside – you can successfully enjoy a bounty of juicy strawberries come summer!

When Are Strawberries In Louisiana Ready To Harvest?

Harvesting strawberries in Louisiana is an exciting experience, as these delicious fruits represent one of the earliest harvests of the season.

When To Plant Strawberries In Louisiana

You’ll want to pick these juicy treats when they are fully ripe and ready to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Fortunately, there are several factors you can look for that will indicate when your strawberry crop is ready to harvest.

  • When evaluating strawberries, keep an eye out for color and size. 
  • Fully ripe strawberries should be a deep red with no green or white/yellow spots or patches. 
  • Regarding size, larger berries usually indicate ripeness – but this can vary depending on the variety. 
  • Generally speaking, if the berry is 1 to 1 ½ inches in diameter, it is likely good to go. Also, strawberries should be firm yet yield slightly when touched lightly – this indicates peak ripeness!

What Type Of Strawberries Are Best For Growing In Louisiana?

June-bearing strawberries are one of the most common types of strawberries grown. They are typically planted in the early spring and will bear fruit near the end of June, which makes them ideal for home gardeners who want an early harvest. 

With this type, a single large crop matures in mid-to-late June, producing sweeter, larger berries than later varieties. With proper care, they can produce fruit for two or three years before needing to be replaced.

Everbearing strawberries produce two crops throughout the growing season, one beginning in mid-summer and a second at the end of summer into early fall.

This variety yields smaller fruits than June-bearing but will have more total production because of their longer fruiting period. 

Day-neutral strawberries provide greater yield stability since their cycle lasts from planting until winter dormancy. They are not dependent on daytime or nighttime length like other berries. 

Is There A Time When It’s Too Late To Plant Strawberries?

When it comes to planting strawberries, the usual rule of thumb is the earlier, the better. However, with certain varieties of seedlings, like day neutral, you may still have time to plant late in the year and still be able to harvest later on. 

In fact, it’s often recommended that if planting late in the season, you pinch off the blossoms to prevent putting energy into fruit production and instead focus on root growth for a bigger bounty next season. 

The heat during summer can, however, cause stress for your plants, so it’s best to get them into the ground in early May and up until June for optimal results.

The advantage of day-neutral strawberry varieties is that they tend to thrive under mild temperatures, making any month between March and October a suitable time to plant as long as there’s no risk of frost, of course! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Options For Planting Strawberries Late?

One of the most useful methods for late-even season planting is using containers or hanging baskets. This way, it’s easier to move them around an area with summer heat when needed, and they’re easier to tend overall. 

For those with limited space, the Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Planter Pot system is a great and popular choice for growing your strawberries.

Additionally, if you pinch off the blossoms during your first year, all nutrients can go toward root growth instead of fruit production. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of strawberry you choose to plant in Louisiana, the most important factor for a successful harvest is providing them with ample sunlight, water, and proper care. 

With patience and a little TLC, you should be able to enjoy delicious home-grown strawberries in no time!

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