When To Plant Strawberries In Arkansas



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When To Plant Strawberries In Arkansas

There are a lot of factors to consider when growing any plant in your backyard. One of the earliest factors you need to consider is when to plant your seeds.

Suppose you are wondering when to plant strawberries in Arkansas; Spring between late February and early April after the frost is the best time to plant in the Natural State.

Planting fruit plants at the wrong time can completely ruin a crop or result in a much lower yield than usual. However, the ideal time to plant fruit seeds depends on the climate of where you live.

This means that the best time to plant certain seeds can vary from place to place. 

So, if you live in Arkansas, when’s the best time to plant your strawberry seeds? Check out the guide below to learn more about planting and growing strawberries in Arkansas! 

Best Planting Time For Strawberries In Arkansas 

Before discussing when you should plant your strawberries in Arkansas, you need to decide if you are planting your strawberries indoors or outdoors.

Different planting times are depending on whether your strawberries will grow outdoors or safely indoors, like in a greenhouse. 

A popular choice for the home strawberry grower is the Ohuhu Walk-in Plant Greenhouses.

Check out the information below to find the right time for your strawberries, depending on if they will grow indoors or outdoors. 

Growing Strawberries Outdoors

The rule of thumb for growing your own strawberries outdoors in Arkansas is to plant them 3 to 4 weeks before the last frost of the spring. This means that the best time to plant strawberries can vary from year to year. 

Most gardeners want to cultivate their strawberries in mid-April, so early March is the best time to plant. 

*For our tested fertilizer recommendations, please see Best Organic Fertilizers for Strawberries: Boost Your Crop Yield Naturally.

Ensuring well-fertilized and optimal soil is also crucial for your strawberry’s health.

Planting outdoors in the spring is popular for many home gardeners. This is because, in most Arkansas, the ground has thawed from the frosty winter by the middle of April.

Temperatures sit comfortably between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit during this time and are perfect for young strawberry plants. 

Of course,  temperatures can change yearly and vary from region to region. The best method we can recommend is to check when the last frost for your region was last year.

Take that date and work six weeks back – this is when you should plant your strawberries. This means that for some regions of Arkansas, the best planting time could range between late February to early April.

So, why is it also recommended to plant strawberries in the fall? 

Strawberries don’t grow well in extreme heat. This is why late spring and the summer season is not a great time to try planting and growing strawberries.

Once temperatures begin to drop off again, ready for fall, you can start planting strawberries again. The latest time to plant your strawberries is mid-October. 

Some years, even October is considered too cold to grow strawberries. So, if you want to get one last yield before the frost and cold temperatures kill your plants, plant one last crop at the very start of September.

Ensure temperatures are not too high, as planting your strawberries too early can be just as devastating as planting them too late during this season. 

Once the yield is over, try covering your strawberries to protect them with Plant Covers Freeze Protection Cloth. They may live to next spring and start to bear fruit again!

When To Plant Strawberries In Arkansas

Growing Strawberries Indoors 

Because your growing strawberries will be protected from outdoor weather. Despite this, you still need to consider the season’s temperatures and how it will affect the temperature of your greenhouse. 

If you plan on growing your strawberries indoors, you can sow the seeds a little earlier and later than the recommended time for outdoor strawberries. This means you can plant strawberries indoors as early as the start of January or February

If you plan on transplanting your strawberries outside once the last frost is gone, planting them in January or February is ideal. Once the outdoor temperatures are right, you can transplant them with ease.

Remember that your strawberry plants must have two sets of true leaves before they are ready. If not, keep your strawberry plants indoors until they yield a crop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Good Idea To Plant Strawberries In Arkansas?

In truth, many people chose not to grow strawberries in Arkansas. This is because strawberries have a pretty poor record in Arkansas, with lower success rates and slower fruition than other states.

This is likely due to the swampy areas of Arkansas. Arkansas strawberries do not do well with wet feet, and Arkansas soil in certain areas is too moist to support these plants.  

However, it’s not impossible to grow strawberries in Arkansas.

Try using raised beds and quick-draining soil and compost. Hopefully, This will give your strawberries a better chance of surviving and yielding a nice crop.

The Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit is an economical, DIY and popular raised bed option for growing strawberries outdoors.

Arkansas already provides the sunshine strawberries need to grow – you just need to take care of the soil. 

What Are The Best Types Of Strawberries To Grow In Arkansas? 

However, some species of strawberry grow better in Arkansas than others. If you want to improve your success rate, here are some species to consider growing: 

These strawberries are easy to grow so they may survive better in Arkansas. They’re also juicy and sweet, making a popular choice on taste alone!

Noreaster strawberries are pretty sturdy. They resist red stele root rot and survive better in colder temperatures. So, they’re less likely to die if you get a surprise frost later in the spring. 

Cardinals are another type of sturdy strawberry. They are more resistant to diseases, making them more likely to grow successfully. 

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the best time to plant strawberries in Arkansas? 

Most gardeners plant for a spring yield at the start of March, so their strawberries are ready to thrive in mid-April. For a fall yield, plant no sooner than the start of September and no later than mid-October. 

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