What Color Are Raspberries?



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What Color Are Raspberries?

Raspberries are a fantastic fruit because they blend sweetness and tartness perfectly.

They can be used in a variety of different ways and they are one of the most colorful, vibrant fruits you can find. 

If you are a big fan of raspberries already, then you probably already know that they are commonly red in color, but did you know that raspberries can come in a few different colors? 

We’re going to be going over the different colored raspberries you can get and some of them may surprise you!

What Color Are Raspberries? 

The most common forms of raspberries come in red colors, but are raspberries pink or red? Do they come in even more colors? It might be a shock to learn that there are a few extra colors in which raspberries come. 

They come in lots of different colors, but the most common include the following: 

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Yellow

If it comes as a bit of a shock that you can get black raspberries, then read on to learn more about the different colors and how they change the raspberries! 

Red Raspberries

What Color Are Raspberries?

What color is raspberry? Let’s start with the most well-known and classic of all the types- the red raspberry. This is the most common of raspberry types and is the type you are most likely to find in a grocery store. 

What you may not know about red raspberries is that there are multiple different types of this color, each unique in its own way.

Let’s take a little look at some of the variations you can get to help you understand their differences a bit better! 


This type of red raspberry is a summer-bearing variety that produces medium-sized red raspberries. This particular variation is one of the sweetest types of raspberries that you will find.

Once the seeds have matured and grown, the raspberries should appear between July and August. 


Prelude raspberries can be medium or large in size and they are also quite resistant to the cold.

Suppose you are thinking of growing raspberries for yourself. Prelude raspberries are a great option because they resist Phytophthora root rot, a common disease that affects raspberry plants.

The raspberries on this plant will appear between the months of July and September. 


Encore raspberries are a variety that is usually quite large and they are resistant to root rot. They can be grown in both hot and cold temperatures and between the months of July to early August. 

Pink Raspberries 

What Color Are Raspberries?

Though you might think you have had pink raspberries before, they were probably light red! Real pink raspberries are incredibly rare, and finding them can be challenging. 

There is one type of pink raspberry that you can get your hands on, though, so let’s take a little look at it now! 

Double Gold 

Though double gold is classed as a pink raspberry, these raspberries can take on an orange color instead. They usually fruit between the months of July and September.

Double gold raspberries prefer colder weather and they resist Phytophthora root rot. 

Black Raspberries

What Color Are Raspberries?

We can assure you that these are not blackberries in disguise; they are a legitimate type of raspberry! Black raspberries are a lot smaller than the other colors, but they are bursting with flavor.

They have the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, so if you can get some, you should try them!

Here are some types of black raspberries that you can grow for yourself. 


Niwot raspberry fruit twice a year between the months of June and August. This raspberry plant prefers colder weather. 


Another variety of black raspberries, Cumberland, is a summer baring type that fruits in September. The Cumberland raspberry plant is great at tolerating the cold

Purple Raspberries 

What Color Are Raspberries?

This type of raspberry hybrid is made by cross-breeding red and black raspberries. They are much tarter than red raspberries but still have a lovely sweetness.

Purple raspberries are uncommon in grocery stores, but you can get them at farmer’s markets. 

Here are some purple raspberry varieties you can find. 


This variety of purple raspberries is summer-bearing and will produce medium-sized raspberries for you to enjoy. This variety fruits in the early summer, and it tolerates heat well. 

Crimson Night

Crimson Night raspberries can be medium or large in size and usually fruit between June and September. This variety of raspberries is also resistant to Phytophthora root rot.


Brandywine raspberries are great because they are quite large for raspberries, so if you love this fruit, this is a great option to try. This variety fruits between the months of July and September. 

Yellow Raspberries

What Color Are Raspberries?

This variety of raspberries is also known as golden raspberries and they are sweeter than red raspberries but a lot less tart. They are not as common as red raspberries, but not nearly as rare are pink raspberries

There are a few different types of yellow raspberries that you can get, so let’s take a look at some of them now. 


This variety is fairly large and they fruit between the months of July and September. This variety can handle both cold and warm temperatures. 

Kiwi Gold

This variety of yellow raspberries is medium-sized and they fruit in early August. They were discovered in New Zealand (Kiwi), hence their name and the raspberry plant is disease-resistant. 

Honey Queen

This variety of yellow raspberries is medium in size and they fruit twice a year during the months of June and August. This is another variation that is disease-resistant. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On What Color Are Raspberries

Q: What colors are raspberries?

A: Raspberries are typically red in color. However, there are also varieties of raspberries that can be yellow, black, or purple.

Q: Why are raspberries red?

A: The red color of raspberries comes from pigments called anthocyanins. These pigments are responsible for the vibrant red color of the fruit.

Q: Are yellow raspberries ripe?

A: Yes, yellow raspberries can be ripe. Yellow raspberries are a different variety of raspberries and have a slightly different flavor than red raspberries.

Q: Can raspberries be purple?

A: Yes, there are varieties of raspberries that can be purple in color. Purple raspberries have a unique flavor profile and are less common than red raspberries.

Q: Are black raspberries the same as blackberries?

A: No, black raspberries are not the same as blackberries. While they may look similar, black raspberries belong to the raspberry family, while blackberries belong to a different plant species.

Q: Can you eat raspberries with the seeds?

A: Yes, you can eat raspberries with the seeds. The seeds of raspberries are small and edible. They add texture to the fruit when consumed.

Final Thoughts on What Color Are Raspberries

So, what colour are raspberries? As you can see, there are many more colors of raspberries that go beyond just red! If you’ve never tried some of these colors, see if you can find or grow them yourself! You will enjoy them!

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