How To Grow Wild Strawberries



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How To Grow Wild Strawberries?

Wild strawberries are sweet and delicious, and their sight and taste will likely take you back to your childhood.

So, when you see some coming through in your garden, you will want to cultivate them into a successful harvest!

Growing wild strawberries is fairly straightforward if you choose the right location for the plants and ensure they are planted in well-draining soil.

In this article, we have compiled an ultimate guide on how to grow wild strawberries. If you’re hoping to grow tasty and juicy strawberries in your garden, you’ve come to the right place to find out how! Let’s dive in.

How Do You Grow Wild Strawberries?

Wild strawberries are very easy to grow in your garden. They are planted in a very similar way to any other strawberry plant. Wild strawberries grow well in hanging baskets, pots, or planters, but they will do best on the ground.

They flourish with a large amount of sun and some afternoon shade. To plant wild strawberries in your garden, follow these steps:

Hydrate The Roots

If you are using bare-root plants, you will want to ensure that you put them in the ground as soon as possible to prevent the roots from drying out.

If you do not plant them immediately, you can hydrate the roots. Do this by soaking them in water for 10 to 20 minutes.

Dig Your Hole

Once you have chosen the best spot for the wild strawberries, it is time to dig the hole to plant the strawberries. This hole should be wide and shallow.

When you place the plant in the hole, you should spread the roots and cover them with soil, ensuring the plant is above soil level.

Your strawberry plants should be at least 12 inches apart, as they will need space to spread out. If you want to produce a good crop, adding some straw around the plants is a good idea.

This improves moisture retention and will help keep the fruit off the ground.

Water The Plant

Once you have planted the strawberries, you will need to water the plant, ensuring that all of the surrounding soil is moistened. Be careful not to overwater the plant at this stage, as the roots on these plants may rot if they are too moist.

When To Plant Wild Strawberries?

How To Grow Wild Strawberries?

Wild strawberries will flourish if they are planted in late spring or early autumn. It is best to wait until the frost has passed and the temperatures are still low. This gives the plants a chance to set in before the warmth comes.

If you are planting your wild strawberries in the fall, you should plant them two weeks before the first frost. This gives the roots of the plant enough time to establish.

Choosing The Planting Location

Choosing the right planting location is very important. You should choose a spot that gets between 4 and 6 hours of sunlight daily.

The plants need adequate sunlight to produce juicy and delicious fruit. However, they also need some afternoon shade as they can suffer if they have too much heat and sunlight.

Wild strawberries do expand to different areas, especially if they find areas with good light and well-draining soil.

How To Care For Wild Strawberries?

Wild strawberries are fairly easy to care for, but following these simple care instructions will ensure that your strawberry plants remain healthy.


Wild strawberries commonly grow in areas with between 4 and 6 hours of sunlight daily. They grow in fields and on roadsides in areas where the plant gets light in the morning and shade in the afternoon.


The soil that wild strawberry plants flourish in can’t be too wet. These plants like dry and sandy soil and will adapt to most other types.


You should make sure that you water your strawberry patch after planting. However, once the wild strawberry plants are established, they can survive with very little water.

If you experience very hot weather, you may need to give the plant some water.


Wild strawberry plants will usually flower if they are at a temperature between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why the plant needs some afternoon shade, as it works as protection from high temperatures.

Wild strawberry plants can survive temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. They do need good air circulation, as this can prevent any fungal growth.


If you want to produce a good harvest, you should apply a balanced fertilizer to the plant. This can be applied in both spring and fall. If you do this, you will encourage plant growth and flower production.

A highly recommended fertilizer is Espoma Organic Berry-Tone Natural & Organic Fertilizer and Plant Food, which will promote healthy and productive strawberries.

*For our detailed and tested organic fertilizer recommendations, please see the article Best Organic Fertilizers for Strawberries: Boost Your Crop Yield Naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Harvest Wild Strawberries?

Most of the strawberries from this plant will be ripe between April and June. When they are ready to be picked, they will be completely red and will smell delicious.

How Do You Harvest Wild Strawberries?

You must twist or pinch the strawberries off the stems to cut this fruit off the plant. When you pick the strawberries, ensure they are fully ripe. They will not ripen further once they have been picked.

What Is A Wild Strawberry?

Wild strawberries are fruits that grow from something named a rhizomatous root. They are perennial fruits much smaller than the variety of strawberries we are most familiar with.

Thirty-five different species of wild strawberries are found across the world. They are located in the Northern Hemisphere and South America.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Wild strawberries are fantastic plants that are great to grow in your garden. In this article, we have explored the best ways to grow wild strawberries and how to keep the plant healthy and happy!

Now that you have all this information, you can start growing wild strawberries. Have fun.

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